Volunteer Testimonials

Host Families


When Safe Families came to our church to recruit volunteers, I immediately thought, ‘I can’t do that, I have 2 kids and I work’. And then my friend next to me signed up, and she has 3 kids and works more hours than I do…So I thought, ‘maybe I can do that!’ I hosted a little boy around the age of my children. I was worried about how they would get on, but they disappeared into the next room with a balloon and I immediately could hear peels of laughter.

BrutinsPeter & Margaret

Being volunteers has been really good fun. It’s been something the entire family could get involved with. It’s motivating to know we’re making a difference. We can look after one individual, a bit of the time, and have an input into their life. The girl we hosted has grown in confidence and found her voice. It’s shown her another family care for her.

Brian & Susan Hill

“Five minutes after receiving our Safe Families Host Family approval letter, Eileen phoned asking us to host two children.

We met them the following day; a boy aged three and a girl aged seven. While the social worker talked to Mum we got to know the children. Brian gave the little boy a piggy back – his first ever – and the family came home to stay with us; the children for three nights and Mum for two. As it went so well, the children came back to stay with us again whilst a Family Friend supported Mum.

It was exhausting, but extremely rewarding. The children were delightful – pleased with the smallest things; baking cakes, feeding the ducks, getting the bus to town, etc. It was a privilege to welcome them and have them stay in our home.”

John and Mary Stephenson

“We are a volunteer Host Family for Safe Families for Children and have been really blessed to host two small boys for six nights as mum had to have an operation.

Children often take a long time to be returned to their parent once they’ve entered the care system and Mum having absolutely no support around her was frantic that this is what would happen.

When we volunteered to host the boys, it was such a relief for her to know she would get her precious boys back on her return from surgery.

As well as us helping with the children, Family Friend volunteers rallied round to help her individually until she was fully recovered. We cannot encourage you enough to volunteer for Safe Families for Children – you will be truly blessed!”

The Goon Family

“When we heard about Safe Families for Children and its aims, ambitions and the potential impact it could have on the lives of children and families, we felt compelled by God to get involved.

Safe Families for Children contains so many elements that we feel God is challenging us to practice; sharing our home, time, love, skills and experiences with others. As we expected, our first hosting was a tiring, yet uplifting time and very humbling.

A nine year old girl came to stay with us all to give her mum some respite. She is a lovely girl, full of energy and always on the go but what a privilege to be able to provide a different family experience for her. It is also great for our children to share these experiences and better understand the breadth and depth of different people’s lives and how they can play a part in helping.”

Family Friends

 Pam & David Gregg

“My husband David and I decided to become Family Friends for Safe Families for Children as we are already involved in visiting other families and have brought up four boys of our own.
The training was really good, and we had ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss problems that we might encounter.

I was asked to visit a lady suffering from ME, whose four year old had just been diagnosed with autism. On my first visit, she simply talked, sharing her worries and problems. She asked if I would pray with her, which I did, and since then I have visited her on a fortnightly basis. She is a lovely lady and so far we have seen two answers to prayer which is a real encouragement to the both of us. I urge you to join us and grow the Safe Families for Children Army of Volunteers.”