The Famous Four Have an Adventure


Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

When my mum was diagnosed with cancer my three sisters and I were really scared. What would happen to her? What would happen to us? She had to go to the hospital with dad all the time and we had nobody to look after us.

Then someone told mum and dad about Safe Families for Children.

One of my sisters went with me to stay with a family and my other two sisters went to stay with another family. Although I was very nervous about leaving mum and dad and staying with a family I didn’t really know, it was actually like an adventure. We went to their house and we played games and did fun crafts and even went to the park to play. We still see the people we stayed with now and then because they’re going to make sure we are okay while mum’s going through treatment.

I’m not so scared now about what’s going to happen and I’m really glad that I’m still going to be able to see the new friends we made.