Southampton Feedback

“We have been excited to work with Safe Families, who have started to make a real difference, in how we work with families where children are in need of support.

In a very short space of time, Safe Families have immersed themselves in our local processes and uniquely are regular attenders at internal case management discussions, offering tangible offers of support that make a real difference. It is early days, but it is no coincidence that by coming on board Safe Families have helped us to achieve real outcomes with often complex problems, many of whom are in a crisis may have received a more traditional, but sometimes expensive, less effective response – such as an out of area placement.

They have helped us expand our menu of support that in turn is reducing demand on our services and helping families get the right help at the right time.  When I am asked what difference Safe Families makes, all things aside, the real difference is they are in the room, contributing to discussions and decision making that benefits families.”


Jason Murphy

Service Manager, Early Help and Youth Offending Service

Southampton City Council