Can Someone Do My shoelaces Up?

“Honestly, I didn’t even think about it. We were walking in a group, this lad’s shoelaces came undone… I knelt and did them up… and suddenly people were saying things like ‘Ooh, I never thought a bishop would do up your shoelaces!’

“I was shocked! As Christians it is both our duty and our joy to serve others, just like Jesus did. Think, for example, of Him kneeling and washing his friends’ dirty feet when no-one else would do it. This is one small picture of His unimaginably vast love for you, for me, and for those around us…and the good news entrusted to Christians is that each of us is invited into this hope, peace, and joy, and it matters when anyone lives without it. We express our humanity and God’s love as we follow His example and help meet other’s needs.

“For me, this is what Safe Families is all about: attending to others and offering what we can in response. It’s wonderful hearing from friends around the country about the friendships which are formed, the support that can be offered, and the great richness that comes to all involved as families are linked up. I am delighted that this project is coming to Northumberland and I look forward to hearing of many families who are given just the helping hand they need.”