A Safe Families Trustee

I’m really pleased to see how Safe Families for Children has grown over the past 4 years. To me it has been an inspiration from the beginning and I’m honoured to be involved as Trustee and as a Host Family and Family Friend volunteer along with my wife, Ann Marie.

In my position as Trustee for the charity I have to confess to being somewhat in awe of the people gathered around me on the board. Each one is an expert in their particular field with years of relevant experience…and then there is me. I am a chartered surveyor and the owner of a small business in the North East of England. So I often ask myself, ‘what I am doing here?’

But the beauty of the board is the range of skills and experience each has which brings insight and wisdom to our decision making. My contribution has been my business experience which focuses my attention on things like accounts and cash flow, making sure that the financial projections are both supported and realistic.

What never ceases to amaze me as I see the work of Safe Families develop is the tremendous energy and enthusiasm of both the volunteers and the staff. Trying to bring about transformational work in people’s lives is hard work and requires dedication and effort but the staff and volunteers of Safe Families ‘bring it in spades’ day in and day out.

To our fabulous volunteers, thank you. To our fantastic staff team who make it all possible, thank you.