Living on the Edge…of Care

child writing

Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Today we’d like you to meet Maggie. For some time now Maggie has been on the edge of care.

Substance misuse has been an ongoing issue for Maggie’s parents and children’s services have been involved with the family for many years. Although the quality of the children’s care has been under review, the children have so far been able to remain at home.

When Safe Families for Children was introduced to Maggie and her family we looked at what could be done to improve the situation. A few things stood out that we knew we could help with…

The family’s house was in disrepair and there weren’t enough beds for Maggie and her siblings. Mum and Maggie were having some relational problems and Maggie was struggling with getting to school and doing her homework.

Various volunteers were keen to get involved and both Host Family and Resource Friends proved invaluable.

Resource Friends helped tidy the house and build a chest of drawers and some beds for the children. All the little children now have a warm cosy bed in which to sleep.

Maggie has been placed with a Host Family for regular short periods, giving her and mum some needed space. The Host Family are able to help her with her homework and share their lives with her. One of the things Maggie loves doing with her Host Family is baking and the house is often filled with the most yummy smells coming from the oven. ‘I wanted to go to a family that baked cakes and was placed with a family who did this with me’.

Seeing how the Host Family lived and being so welcomed by them makes Maggie feel inspired and nurtured during her stays and she can go back home refreshed after each stay and more prepared for school.

Every day we see big problems which can be greatly improved with just a little support from volunteers. If you’re interested in being a volunteer and helping families like Maggie’s, please fill out our online form.