How can my church partner with Safe Families for Children?

At Safe Families for Children, our aim is to bridge the divide between church communities and families in Empowered by God’s sacrificial love, churches are natural places of friendship, support and community. If a family in church is going through a difficult time, we rally around them, offering to babysit, clean their house, go for coffee to chat, cook them meals, provide home maintenance and other resources. Modelling Jesus’ life and love, churches also have a desire to help the most vulnerable members of society, but often vulnerable families are isolated and alone. Well-meaning churches have the compassion and generosity to share but simply don’t know how to find and connect with those in the most need.

Safe Families for Children Scotland helps churches find and support families going through a difficult time with volunteer roles as diverse as the church itself:

  • Host Families take children for short breaks and are matched depending on the volunteers’ availability and the family’s need.
  • Family Friends offer emotional support, meeting with a parent or carer for a chat or to encourage them to take the kids to the park.
  • Resource Friends might do home maintenance, clean, build a bed, lay down carpet or even offer to drive the family to doctor’s appointments.
  • Family Coaches help support church volunteers and the families by facilitating meetings and checking to see how volunteers and families are coping with their arrangements.
  • Church Co-ordinators keep excitement going in their church for the work of Safe Families for Children and check-up on volunteers to see where they are in the application process.

When a church decides to partner with Safe Families for Children, they take ownership over their involvement with our work and commit to regularly encourage their church members to volunteer, donate resources and get involved. Our vision is to see a family supported by multiple volunteers from one church so that through volunteers’ short-term help, families will be connected into a long-term community. Safe Families for Children partner churches embrace the work we do as part of their own ministry and believe that our work fits with their individual church vision.

If you are interested in becoming a Safe Families for Children church, please send us an email or give us a call to find out more.

Edinburgh: | 0131 603 8430
Glasgow: | 0141 212 6792