Fundraise for Us - Safe Families for Children

Fundraise for Us

Fundraise for Safe Families for Children – help us change a child’s life!

  • 90 children go into care every day
  • Over 93,000 children live in care
  • Care leavers are 7x more likely to die in early adulthood (aged 19–21)
  • Nearly 1 in 4 adults in prison has spent time in care

Research has shown that 45% of looked after children in England and Scotland and 49% of looked after children in Wales had a mental disorder. This included: emotional disorders (anxiety and depression); hyperactivity; and pervasive developmental disorders, tics and eating disorders.

We believe that the best possible start in life for a child begins at home with their family. A nurturing, loving, stable family and home environment strongly determines a child’s future life chances. By supporting families in their time of need we can help them through their crisis until they’re back on their feet, keeping their children safe and at home.

You can make a difference!

Local authorities have seen between 7-16% reduction in flow of children into care as a result of Safe Families’ support and families themselves are seen to maintain or increase in social networks (94%), confidence (93%), wellbeing (91%), positive parenting (90%), family relationships (89%) and physical needs (88%).

We need your help to keep being able to support families.

If you already have some fundraising event planned that’s great! If you need some inspiration check out our handy list below:

  • For your birthday or anniversary
  • Do a marathon/fun run/cycle/trek/walk
  • At your company
  • At your school
  • At your club or society
  • Host a garden party/ice cream social/coffee morning
  • Cake bake sale


To fundraise on Facebook click here or fundraise through MyDonate here. If you want to fundraise for children in a particular area please make sure you select the regional Facebook or MyDonate account. Thank you!