Four Carrier Bags & An Operation

adult with baby clothes

Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Some families we help are going through long-term difficulties but others are in sudden emergency situations.

One such situation we encountered was a mum about to give birth to her fifth child. She was suffering major anxiety because she knew her children were at risk of being taken into care when she was in hospital as she had no family or friend network to look after them while she was away.

So Safe Families for Children was called in to help. All four children were cared for by Host Families during the time mum was in hospital, which greatly relieved her concerns for their well-being. The Host Family vividly remembers the children coming to the door, 4 carrier bags gripped in their hands holding their overnight things. The children loved playing with the games the Host Family had. They were very polite, the host even commented, ‘Why aren’t my children as polite as these?’.

The children got on very well with their Host Families, one of the Host Family children asking at the end of the stay, ‘Dad, can the children not stay with us permanently?’

Small gestures can make big differences to families, both to the family assisted and the family assisting. If you would like to be a Family Friend or Host Family please fill in our online application form.