An Emergency Operation


Safe Families for Children’s path recently crossed with a poorly mum who had fled domestic violence with her young children.

The family had previous negative experience of care, so when mum had to urgently be sent to hospital for an unknown length of time, the children were very fearful.

Safe Families were contacted and within two hours had settled the children with a Host Family who were able to host the children together during the time mum was in hospital. Mum and the children felt much less anxious and the Host Family really enjoyed the hosting experience. The children slept well, chatted about their favourite things, and enjoyed feeding the ducks in the pond behind the house.

The health workers were also really pleased with the outcome, saying ‘It is very unlikely the children would have been kept together without Safe Families’.

Providing this hosting made all the difference to this frightened family. If you would like to help families in crisis please fill in our online application form.