Christmas Crafters Support Safe Families

A local church in Newcastle recently hosted a Christmas craft fundraiser for Safe Families for Children. We talked to some of the crafters about their work and their inspiration to support Safe Families for Children.


avrilAvril – I like to sew, for me it’s a very creative opportunity. I like to say when I sew I get very close to God. It often just helps me clear my head. A quiet time for myself. It’s very much who I am, I’ve always sewn, from the the age of five.

I’m a mum and I’ve got two sons who are grown up now. I brought them up on my own from being quite young. Doing the Christmas stall I think is just a fantastic opportunity to help families who perhaps need some help and some support.craftlights1


Emily – Emily Eggs started off just wanting to put out good messages to people…giving them really meaningful things to  hang up in their houses. We [my business partner and I] are both Christians so we try to do biblical themes. We don’t make it obvious it’s from the Bible, so a range of people can buy it. A lot of stuff is biblically based and things that inspire us, quotes and things like that.

We did this [Christmas craft fair] last year and the money went to an anti-trafficking organisation but Safe Families for Children is in Newcastle so it’s great we can do something that helps people in the region not some far off place. It’s really great to be part of this sort of thing.craft2


Beth – I just love creating and find it really relaxing. I like to put things on my artwork that might inspire people day to day when they have it up on their wall at home.

Safe Families for Children is a really great charity. When I first heard [about Safe Families] I was wishing I had a bigger house so I could take part and actually host children. But being able to raise some funds to grow the work and what they’re doing across the north east where I live is just a fantastic opportunity.


louiseLouise – I just always enjoy working with materials, especially felt. When my children were born I wanted to make things for the bedroom so I started making wall hangings and then I’ve developed from there.

I think it’s an important thing to raise money for charity […] especially ones that care for families and children. We live such a comfortable life and we don’t realise it but there are so many people that need a bit of extra help. So you do what you can really.