April Devotional by Keith Danby

We can never quite know what it’s like to stand in someone else’s shoes (or sandals in the disciples’ case!). Imagine the reaction when the women saw the empty tomb and heard the two angels say ‘He is not here but He is risen!’ Or how the eleven disciples reacted to the news when the women reported back to them. Confusion… Delight… Fear… Added despair…

Whilst they lived alongside Jesus they had learned to expect the unexpected: a few loaves and fish feeding 5000 families; walking on water; Lazarus raised from the dead; sick people made well. But now Jesus was not with them to explain what he was doing or why. Finding God in unexpected places and experiencing Jesus do the unexpected through their lives would become the exciting dynamic of being a follower of Jesus.

In Safe Families for Children we have the opportunity of seeing those feeling overwhelmed -not coping and needing some help- experience something quite special happen in their own lives through simple acts of kindness through a volunteer being a good neighbour. Only the other day I heard these quotes from two families who had been supported:

I thought Safe Families was absolutely brilliant -really informative and helpful- and felt that they were so easy to engage with. It was so nice to be treated like a human!

The volunteers were lovely and so easy to get on with.

Safe Families helped our family through a crisis and a really tough time. They came up with great strategies and tips that I am using today. They also purchased equipment for my children so that their return home would be made as comfortable as possible. Thank you.


Brilliant. We really appreciated all the support. We did feel really guilty as one of the great volunteers was much older than ourselves but very capable.

I would highly recommend this service; they were amazing and prevented our family hitting crisis point.

He is risen and because he is risen Christ’s followers can be involved in the unexpected!