An emergency overnight hosting

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One of Safe Families for Children’s core aims is to ensure that no child unnecessarily spends a night within the care system. Here in the East Midlands we had a recent referral where we directly saw our volunteers keeping children from going into care. Late one afternoon we got a call looking for overnight hosting for 3 children whose mum had gone into hospital suddenly for an operation. The only alternative for these children would have been an emergency foster care placement which would potentially have been out of area or would have seen them separated.

Within an hour we had a Host Family who had offered their home for the night (and were out buying the fish fingers for dinner) while our team were collecting the children to take them round to this host home. They had a safe night, ate and slept well, chatted to mum on the phone and even did a bit of singing together! The following day we reunited them with their mum who had been discharged from hospital.

It was such a privilege that night to know that we had, with your help, been able to respond quickly and appropriately to this need and that these children had been able to stay together and near to mum.