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This video explains a bit about Safe Families for Children, how families are helped, and how you can get involved!

Leanne tells of her struggle to trust people and how she decided to let Safe Families volunteers into her life and trust them and allow them to be friends.

Nottingham City Council talks about the reduction in children going into care and the positive impact Safe Families has had on children and families in their area.

A mum of two children with special needs was getting very worn down until her paediatrician recommended Safe Families for Children and Chris came into her life as a Family Friend.

Motivated by a desire to help other children not go through the same familial disturbance she and her brothers suffered as children, Dorinda is now a Safe Families volunteer helping families stay together in her community.

Uchenna came from Nigeria with his wife and son to the UK to do a PhD in Civil Engineering.
When their second son was born prematurely he was put on hospital life support for 7 months.
“The period when we had our baby in the hospital on life support was really the most difficult part of my life,” says Uchenna.

As a single mum of two who had to move to escape domestic violence, Deborah and her girls were supported by her mum until another tragedy struck her family when her father was diagnosed with cancer.
“Before Safe Families were involved I was very very stressed”, says Deborah. “I used to refuse to go into hospital because my children are my priority. Even though my health was deteriorating they’re still my priority. Now [Safe Families is] involved I feel quite relieved. I’ve met some very, very nice people. They did a brilliant job with my children.”

For Jill, looking after her newborn baby was made more difficult by her 8 year old son’s behavioural issues at home. For Connor, making friends at school was tough because of his ADHD. Safe Families for Children found a solution which gave Jill a break from Connor, and gave Connor a friend to provide the base of further friendships at school.

After it was discovered that the children were suffering from neglect and malnutrition while in the care of their mother, they were sent to live with their paternal grandparents. Raising 5 grandchildren is a very large task and the grandmother says she was begging for respite until a social worker was able to refer her to Safe Families.

A single mum with disabled children describes her struggle and how her life turned around after a social worker referred her to Safe Families.

Kate Wharton, Vicar of St George’s Everton, talks about how Safe Families has benefitted her church, enabling them to reach out to their local community.

A Scottish Host Family reflect on how their entire family is active in hosting and loving both the experience and the girl they are hosting, who has become like a member of their own family.

A single mum describes her fight with isolation, unemployment and drugs and how her life turned around after Safe Families for Children came into her life.

Sean Bell, Children’s Practice Team Manager – South West Edinburgh, discusses factors that contribute to children ending up in care and how he sees Safe Families volunteers as playing a key role in reducing the number of children being ‘looked after’.

A recently widowed mother tells the story of how Safe Families was introduced into her life and how a Family Friend is helping her learn to read and improve her self-confidence.

One of our Host Families talks about two young boys she hosted and what the outcome for them was.

The story of a disabled grandmother who has been helped by Safe Families in caring for her grandson.

Nancy talks about how volunteering with Safe Families for Children has enriched her life. Just a little bit of help makes a huge difference in the lives of others.

Deborah tells her story.

Nikki tells her story.


A short BBC documentary about Safe Families for Children

With thanks to BBC North East for releasing this video to us.

Founder of Safe Families for Children, Dr Dave Anderson, talks about the mother who inspired him to start the charity 13 years ago and the journey thus far.