On the Brink of Homelessness

A few months ago, Destiny Church referred a young mum to us who had recently become homeless. She moved to the city to rebuild relationships with her estranged family, but circumstances meant she was suddenly without a home. Council housing wasn’t an option as she hadn’t yet been in the country for the required 3-month period, and she didn’t have strong support networks in her country of origin to return home to.

Mum was staying in bed and breakfasts each night with her toddler while trying to sort out their living situation. Needless to say, the normal pressures of parenting an active little boy on top of this became overwhelming.  

One of our Family Support Workers helped the family find accommodation with Bethany Christian Trust. We also introduced her to a Host Family, who take out her wee one every so often to give mum a break and give her space to deal with pressing issues. Taking out the toddler to do fun activities like feeding ducks at the pond or playing games at a museum gives him a break from stress at home too. He’s able to focus on playing and being a kid then returns home to an environment that’s more settled and calm. Now in their new flat, the family are doing much better! Please keep them in your prayers as we continue to support them. 

Photo by Thiago Cerqueira is for illustrative purposes only.