In their own words….



We love hearing from our volunteers and the families we support. But we were blown when we saw this amazing story from one of our families, in their own words. This is what Safe Families for Children is all about.



We first got referred to Safe Families two summers ago, life was hard… really, really hard. My family was falling apart around me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.


Six months prior to this (three months after we wed), my husband became seriously ill, he had two brain haemorrhages and as a result of this, suffered permanent brain damage. He lost his memory and couldn’t be left alone. He depended on me for everything. The children, aged at the time 12, 8, 7 and 3, became second place. Our happy family life as we knew it was over…it broke my heart. I had no family or friends nearby as we had only recently moved to the area before my husband became ill. I was totally on my own to care for my husband and the children. My life was spiralling out of control, some days I was disappointed to even wake up.


Safe Families got involved as a result of the social worker making a referral to them. I felt like a weight had been lifted, like I finally had some help and support for myself and the children. My main heartache was that we were no longer in a position to take the children places, and that my two youngest had never been on a beach. It broke my heart. I told Safe Families this. The children went on their first day out the week after the referral and they went to the beach! They got to build sandcastles, have an ice cream, and be happy and free, away from the stress of home life. I cried with relief this day.


Gradually they started to go for weekends away, it made such a difference to us all, we got some time to refresh, and the kiddies got to be kiddies, got to relax and have fun like they so needed. All the time I was at ease knowing they were safe and with lovely people. We have support from two wonderful families now that are only a phone call away if we need them, and also keep in constant contact with us, having the children when we need a little help.


Life is good for us now, we have constant support and are learning to adapt to our new way of life. Although we miss the old life, we are having fun building a new one. I don’t feel alone anymore, knowing I can just pick the phone up is comfort in itself. And as long as Safe Families are there, we as a family, feel safe and supported and not alone.


These amazing people saved my family from a major breakdown and for that we will be forever grateful, they need more wonderful people to offer support to families in crisis and I would urge anyone that can help to do so. I hate to think what would have happened to my family without them.


Thank you Safe Families for Children from the bottom of our hearts xxx