Welcoming a new wave of Family Coaches

Safe Families for Children really is a team effort, and in every successful team there are clear roles and responsibilities.

Within the Safe Families team we have a small number of professionals who work on the project full time, and a much larger number of people who give what time they can as volunteers. More than 600 volunteers are now fully trained and have begun helping families. About a third are befrienders, a third are host families, and a third are resource friends. In order to ensure that we can work with as many struggling families as possible, and to do so safely and effectively, we rely on a very dedicated group of volunteers called Family Coaches. Over the summer we were looking at how well we’ve been doing at supporting struggling families, and supporting the volunteers doing the supporting of the struggling families! As a staff team we asked the question – how could we get even better at this? The answer was resoundingly to raise up more Family Coaches. From there lots of phonecalls were made to folks already volunteering as befrienders or host families, and over 30 people identified who might be interested/able/willing to take on the additional responsibility of becoming a Family Coach. Last week we had an ‘open evening’ for all those interested, and what a great night it was. The night was serious, in the sense that we explored the detail of what is a really critical role in the life of Safe Families, and yet the atmosphere was light, there was lots of laughter, and an incredible sense of positivity and optimism about the opportunities that lie before us at this time. So thank you to all who have stepped out and stepped up. Safe Families is so blessed to have such quality people like you involved. support diagram