WAIT? Oh Boy, this was so hard


Safe Families for Children Host Family, Marcie Costello from Teeside, shares with us a simple story she describes as real confirmation to her and her husband Rich that Safe Families for Children is what God wants them to be doing.

God has been speaking to me recently about integrity, openness and obedience with my husband (especially about money and what I buy).


So as we are getting ready for Safe Families to start, I started to think and plan about what we would need.

I started to look on eBay for second hand places for a pushchair and car seat. I knew exactly what I wanted and thought that if I spent about £30 -£40 I would get the okay from Richie. Now normally at that price I would just go ahead and get something but I felt that I needed to ask Rich first. So when I got a no I was a bit surprised and wondered what Gods plan could possibly be. I needed a pushchair…He needed my patience! Eventually I got the message after trying to do it my own way a few times.

Then about two to three weeks ago I came across an advert in my local shop window, the perfect pushchair. A beautiful Silver Cross, the seat facing towards mum/carer and a clip on car seat in a neutral colour. The only drawback was they wanted £55 for it…but the money was to go to the local church so I thought it must be right?

I got out my phone to call the ad number and felt God say, ‘Wait, ask Richie.’ Oh Boy! This was so hard. I had to wait.

When Rich got home he said, ‘Yes, go have a look this time.’ When I got to the address of the ad I realised that I knew the lady selling the pram. She was the mum of a friend of ours and Richie had done some building work for her from time to time.

When I went inside I said to Lilliam (the lady selling the pram) what a small word it was. She agreed and told me that she had just found out two days before what we were going to be doing with Safe Families and that she was going to contact me to see if I wanted the pram but couldn’t find our number.

Before I could say anything else she said, “So I want you to have it – for free.” She told me that a family had given it to her to sell for the church, so she said “You’re the Church too!”

I was so bowled over that I just stood there with a big grin on my face. I had heard stories of God meeting peoples’ needs before but it had never happened like this to me.

I felt God say, “See what happens when you trust and obey, not just me but your husband!”

So through this amazing generosity I have learnt to trust God, and know that we on the right path, joining Safe Families for Children.

I hope that this story may bless and encourage others, and also make us laugh at how God has such patience, generosity and a sense of humour when dealing with us!

With much love, Marcie