Volunteers Feed Homeless Family of 5

A single dad with 4 young daughters (all under the age of 6) was suddenly forced out of his accommodation. While waiting for the council to provide a flat, the family were staying in a local B&B. For two weeks the family wouldn’t have a kitchen where they could prepare affordable meals or even a place where they could eat. The dad was worried about how he would provide dinner for his children.

Circle, another Scottish charity, got in touch and told us about the family’s situation. Circle would be able to cook meals for the family for a few nights, but it wouldn’t be enough. They reached out to Safe Families to see if we could help. 

We decided to raise money to buy vouchers so the family could have a few dinners out. We sent out the request to our volunteers, and they sprang into action. In just a few days, 15 volunteers raised over £350 for this family, and many others were wanting to give but simply got in touch with us too late.

Everyone involved was overwhelmed by the volunteers’ generosity. The vouchers along with the help from Circle made sure the family had enough to eat and eased the anxiety of a worried father. To our volunteers, thank you. Your willingness to give is a light in the darkness. It’s a privilege to be able to connect you with families like this one and give you the opportunity to show love and compassion to those who need it most.