The Lightening Bolt

Safe Families for Children volunteer story North EastWe want to take time to thank our volunteers and reflect on the amazing work they do. Today we turn our eyes to our North East volunteers. This is where we began the pilot from which we grew across the nation and is home to so many incredible volunteers.

Carole and her family are example of some of these. 

She and her husband were originally told they could never have children. Although this was later shown to be incorrect, it gave her and her husband an outward facing approach as they considered fostering and adoption. So when Safe Families came to their church and they heard about the children and families who were struggling and needed a little bit of help, it struck a chord.

“I’ve always had children and struggling mothers on my heart”, says Carole. “When I heard Safe Families’ presentation I was sitting there thinking, ‘We’ve got to do this; this is for us’. My husband was sitting there beside me. He doesn’t cry easily but he was moved to tears.”

Carole started as a Host Family with Safe Families and soon became the Church Coordinator responsible for engaging her church with Safe Families’ vision.

“Our church is full of capable people. People think that Safe Families is for stay-at-home mums or families but I feel strongly that anyone can be involved. It’s a natural thing for Christians to be involved in. You can’t wait for some lightening bolt calling because we’re all called to do something.”

Feeling strongly that there was untapped potential in her church, Carole asked her associate minister about a plug for Safe Families. He immediately said the entire service could be Safe Families focused, even arranging for the children’s Sunday school to be about Safe Families.

As a newly appointed elder in her church Carole says, “I’ve got my foot in the door now and I can get Safe Families properly rooted in!”

Carole and her family are personally sacrificial with their lives and their home in providing a safe refuge for children, even when it isn’t very convenient for them. Before Christmas they gave up many Saturdays to befriend two little boys. Christmas is generally a busy time for the family but even taking on this extra thing, somehow it was the most relaxed Christmas build-up Carole says she’s ever had and she associates it with the willingness to give up that time for others.

Our volunteers might not all have a lightening bolt experience, they might not all have that much time, but they are so key to turning struggling families’ situations around. If you’d like to get involved please contact us or click on the link below.

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