The Consistent Service

The Consistent Service

Bucket list Safe Families support“Services have always let us down.” Grandparents looking after 6 children needed some help with their 11-year-old-grandson, *Dan, who was quiet and withdrawn. His older siblings had more support due to past experiences before coming to live with their grandparents, but Dan was reckoned too young for his previous home life to have impacted him.

“The others all got the support they needed,” explains Nan. “But Dan was only 4 or 5 when we got him and they reckoned he was too young so he was put to one side. He felt left out and started acting up and that. Since he’s been going out with Safe Families volunteers the change has been quite good. He’s been a lot more behaved to what he was.”

On their first meeting, the volunteers asked Dan to make a bucket list of things he would like to do with them, that they could tick off after each activity. The support has now been going for around 14 weeks. The volunteers come regularly every week to take Dan out, going on walks, to the park, or playing football.

“It’s just given Dan the confidence that he’s needed; the one on one attention. At home we have just 5 left now, but we were spread between them all. This has given him one to one attention.”

Our Family Support Manager asked the grandad if he has seen any changes in his grandson and he explained that, “Other services have always let us down; this is the first consistent service we have been involved with.” He went on to say that he has seen a big change in his grandson who has become more confident, engages in conversations more, stands up for himself and is no longer a quiet child!

*Name changed to protect identity

We need more volunteers like these to help support children and parents who are going through a difficult time.