Thank you from the bottom of my heart

We recently received this lovely letter from the friend of a family we’ve been helping…

Dear Safe Families for Children,


I have known a particular family for about nine years, initially as a Home Start volunteer and more recently as a friend. I have seen them experience many trials and tribulations – in some cases you simply could not make it up. On many occasions people in positions of trust and authority have disregarded their problems, and in some cases made matters much worse. Mum therefore finds it very difficult to rely upon people and organisations as she’s been let down so often. Mum has complex health needs following a traffic accident some years ago. She has had to undergo many operations. At times she has discharged herself from hospital, against medical advice, as she was worried about what would be happening to her four small children when they were left in the charge of their father. He did not seem to have much idea of the needs of the children, and would leave them with quite unsuitable people. He’s no longer around now.

Mum has been putting off further surgery as since separating from her husband there has been no one who could offer even very short term care – she has no extended family at all. Safe Families volunteers were introduced to us. They made it possible for an important operation to take place, surgery that may well hold the key to mum’s long term recovery.

Having met the volunteers the children were happy to stay at their houses, two at each house so they weren’t on their own. Mum felt secure in the knowledge that the children were being well cared for. She was able to go into hospital and the children’s lives were kept as normal as possible. Mum’s recovery was initially slow but because she had been relieved of the worry about the children’s care she was able to concentrate on getting herself well. She was in hospital six days altogether, and also had one night at home before the children came back.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Safe Families volunteers. They are very special people to open their homes to other people’s children and other people’s problems. The four volunteers have made an untold difference in this young family. I can honestly say there has never been anyone whose actions have made such a significant positive change to their lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.