Support Story Snippets

The Overdressed Carpet Cleaner

During a review the family highlighted how bad their home conditions were. One issue was the bad stains on the carpet. One of our volunteers offered to clean the family’s carpet for them.

The volunteer turned up to meet our Family Support Manager at the family home to clean the carpet by herself, along with her baby.

Meanwhile, our Programme Manager, M was trying to fit a large wardrobe in his car to bring round for the family. Our Family Support Manager and the volunteer altered between holding the baby and cleaning the carpet until M arrived with the wardrobe.

M then got down on his hands and knees, in his suit, and helped clean the carpet. All three were there working on it until 7pm. The family were over the moon and the carpet is now officially clean! “My house feels more like a home now”, said Mum. “I no longer feel embarrassed to invite people into my home and feel really grateful for all the support I’ve had from Safe Families.”

The Reluctant Support Worker

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The Reluctant Support Worker

P had worked for Safe Families for a while but always found various reasons not to volunteer herself, until she shared a particular family support need with her husband, who said, “We can do that!”. And so they did, supporting a young boy whose mum had became wheelchair-bound after tripping over a pet.

Mum was no longer able to take her son out and about and they do not have a garden for him to play in. They are hoping to move to a new place with more open spaces but until then, a volunteer was needed to take this boy out and about. P has found this to be a really rewarding experience and helped P to see Safe Families from a volunteer’s point of view.

“My son’s taking really well to P and her husband”, says Mum. “He loves going out with them.”

“We look forward to taking him out to places we wouldn’t normally go”, says P. “At times I’m not sure who is having the most fun!”

P and her husband will gradually reduce support until the family is managing well independently but hope to stay in touch with the family long-term.

We need more volunteers like these to help support children and parents who need a helping hand.