Saying Thank You

We don’t help people because we’re expecting thanks and gratitude in return – but it feels great when a family we’ve been helping goes ahead and thanks us anyway. Safe Families staff and volunteers were really blessed by this email that arrived recently:

thank youSafe Families for Children has been a wonderful support to me. This year has been quite challenging, in that my youngest son,who is 4 years old, was diagnosed with severe autism in July. I myself was diagnosed with moderate to severe M.E in January of last year. I have improved a little since then but am mostly housebound and require help attending to the children’s needs, shopping and generally keeping the house in order.

My husband is a great help but gets quite tired as he has a very pressured job and also my younger son needs one to one supervision 24 hrs a day. There have been many times I have found it difficult to cope and if it wasn’t for my faith in God I don’t know how I would have carried on.

One day I was given a leaflet from a Christian friend about a new charity offering friendship and assistance to families living in stressful situations. What an amazing idea! It was exactly what I needed. I called the group a few days later and they arranged for a lady called Pam to visit me the following week. It is hard to put into words how I feel about the kindness and support I have been given. Pam not only comes over to see me regularly but also keeps in touch over the phone and with encouraging text messages too.

Some people may feel that it is not such a big deal to visit someone who has family and friends around them but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is immensely helpful for someone to come and listen and show kindness, especially when they are not emotionally involved with the situation. To anyone who is reading this and is thinking of becoming a volunteer, please give it a try. Just one hour of your time per week could be the answer to prayer for someone who is struggling and weary of the situation they are in.

God bless.