Outpouring Of Kindness

Our regional co-ordinator Sonia Daniel was introduced to a local mum in need.


It was a plea for assistance with day-to-day household items that most of us take for granted. What a predicament. Consider the anxiety that comes from knowing that your little baby is growing up but you’re struggling to provide for her needs. Her clothes are becoming too small, but you have no money to buy the next size up. She’s got a healthy appetite – but you can’t afford the special variety of milk she needs for her reflux condition… It’s hard to imagine isn’t it?

Responding to cries for help with practical assistance is at the heart of Safe Families’ mission. That’s why we’ve been building up a database of kind-hearted people who’ll become ‘Resource Friends’. What an amazing group of people they are. Within hours of posting the need on the Safe Families email alert system the responses began – gifts of clothes, tins of milk, shopping vouchers. The alert was also posted on the Safe Families for Children Facebook page – from which we received a phonecall from a lady all the way in Cheshire who was so moved to help that she made an online donation immediately!

As with all the families we help, this particular outpouring of kindness will become part of a wider plan of support for the family, with the objective of ending the cycle of desperation and bringing about a permanent shift in circumstances. But that’s for another day; for now, the crisis is averted and spirits are lifted because hope has answered.

If you’d like to become a Resource Friend just drop us a line to hello@safefamiliesforchildren.com or call us on 0191 374 4777