Mother and baby stay on the farm

One of the very special things that some of our volunteers are able to offer is hospitality and care for both mothers and babies.

One of our volunteers with a lovely home in rural Tees Valley offered to do just that recently, in response to a pressing need.

sheepx250 borderAn inner city single mum, with an 18 month toddler, needed to go into hospital for surgery. Her personal circumstances were such that she had no extended family or friends who could care for the little boy whilst she had her op.

Showing tremendous compassion and flexibility the Safe Families volunteer picked up mother and child the night before the operation to get them settled in her own home, which happens to be a farm! The following morning she dropped mum at the hospital and then spent the rest of the day entertaining the little boy on the farm, which was quite an experience for him – his first encounter with animals, which he absolutely loved.

Later in the afternoon, as mum was ready to be discharged, our volunteer returned to the hospital to collect her, and brought her back for the farm for some post-op TLC. After a good night’s sleep the two of them were ready to be dropped back at their own home in town. The little drama in their life, which was the cause of much anxiety before the Safe Families introduction, had been turned into a blessing, and the making of treasured memories.

Our volunteer reflected afterwards,

“He was such a delightful little boy, so eager to explore. He absolutely loved seeing the cows and the sheep, he wasn’t anxious at all. After I’d dropped the two of them back home I received some really sweet text messages from mum saying how much he’d enjoyed it and how much the help had meant to them both.”