In The Nick Of Time!

Tees Valley Regional Coordinator Sonia Daniel got more than she bargained for this week when she went to meet a heavily pregnant mum who needed our support.

clockfaceThe meeting was to discuss the details of how Safe Families for Children could help with the hosting of her two-year-old, when the time came to have the new baby. Due to some complications with previous pregnancies the mother was booked in to have the baby by C-section in January.

Sonia describes in her own words what happened next…
“I turned up at the house and as I entered I saw that the mum looked in pain. I asked if she was OK, and she said that she had been having contractions all night and they were now 4 minutes apart. I had to ask her to repeat herself as I was a little stunned!!! So basically Safe Families swung into action. Fortunately, the host family was already lined up, and only lived 5 minutes away. I made a call, and whilst the fast-forwarding of the hosting arrangement wasn’t entirely convenient we agreed to make it happen there and then. In between further contractions we got paperwork signed, bags packed and left the house – me off to the host family with the 2 year-old and mum off to hospital with a rather worried looking taxi driver!”

Just a few hours later we received a text from the mum saying all was well and she’d given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

We’re so thankful that we have such dedicated staff and volunteers who are poised to help families at times of crisis, and thankful too that not every day at Safe Families for Children contains quite so much drama ☺