My Second Family

*Photo Pexels

“What’s the point of living? I’m a mum with no kids.”

That’s a question Lorna found herself asking during an extremely painful point her in life. 

For many years Lorna was in a violent relationship with a man who was a danger to her and to her children. Heartbreakingly, one after another Lorna saw her three eldest children be taken away to keep them safe. The third one was removed from her in hospital after giving birth.

Despite the pain of her loss, Lorna remains a positive person and understands that her children were in danger because of her ex-partner.

“I went through abuse and domestic violence,” says Lorna. “I’m lucky to be here to be honest. But because of the domestic violence I couldn’t keep myself safe or my children safe and so they were taken away.”

Pregnant with her fourth child, Lorna courageously escaped her abusive partner and, leaving behind her family and friends, began a new life and a fresh start.

On her own with no network of support around her, Lorna found herself extremely isolated. “I was at a very low point; sad, isolated, lonely.”

Social services referred Lorna to Safe Families for support during her pregnancy and they’ve been in her life since then.

“They were just around for me. I didn’t have to feel I was on my own in a different area. They just build me back up and made me love myself again. I weren’t alone. I’d have been lost without them.” 

Lorna and her Safe Families volunteer go out for coffee, get her involved in baby groups and activities, and go to each other’s houses to have a chat. Lorna refers to Safe Families as a “second family” to her.

Now that Lorna’s life is safe and stable she has been able to keep her new baby. There is a strong bond of love between the two and Lorna’s face glows as she plays with her laughing baby.

Although life now holds joy, the agony of losing her eldest three children is still very close to Lorna. The happy anticipation is written on her face as she looks forward to the day they turn 18 and she can see them again.

“My heart and soul are still lost. But having people around that I can talk to helps. I’ve picked myself up. I’ve been blessed. It’s been amazing! It’s like I’ve been born again. Not forgetting my children [that were taken] but I’m blessed again with my baby. I’m happy now and I’m contented and time’s going to go a lot quicker. I’m doing things and time’s going’s fast and when my other children are 18 they can come home to me.”