Love Calls Us to Dirty Laundry

One of our single mums was struggling to cope with her son’s (age 6) bed-wetting. Then the washing machine broke. Quickly, dirty sheets and clothes and pyjamas began to pile up. She was running out of bedding fast and couldn’t afford to buy a new washing machine. Our volunteers sprang into action. A few of our Family Friends stopped by the mum’s house to pick up loads of laundry, take them home to wash, then deliver the clean, dry clothes and bedding to mum. 

Meanwhile in the office, Safe Families staff members were trying to raise funds so mum could buy a new washing machine. laundryThrough Acts 435 and donations to us directly, you raised £235 in a matter of days! Thank you! Mum has now had her washing machine delivered and installed and has one less thing to worry about during a stressful time at home. 

Watching this story unfold reminded me of one of my favourite poems:  “Love Calls us to the Things of This World” by Richard Wilbur. In the poem, he likens laundry — hanging on the washing line, catching sunlight as it blows in the breeze — to angels. It’s a beautiful illumination of the magic in the everyday and the struggle to balance between the world of angels and of men. As Christians, we long for the eternal peace of heaven, but for now, Love calls us to bring heaven to earth. 

Thank you to those of you who brought a piece of heaven to this mum. 

                   “Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels.

   Some are in bed-sheets, some are in blouses,
Some are in smocks: but truly there they are.”


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Photo credit:  Jason Briscoe