Letter from a New Safe Families for Children Resource Volunteer


Dear Safe Families,

I recently attended a church service and listened to a brilliant talk from Eileen Brady from your organisation. Being a mum who suffered from post-natal depression after the birth of my baby, I can relate to the struggle that young mums go through in pregnancy, birth and caring for a child.

I feel your organisation provides a valuable service to families and I am interested in being a resource volunteer for your organisation but I juggle parent and work commitments. I don’t know how I could go about being a host or family friend volunteer at this time. Regardless of this, becoming a resource volunteer would be something I would definitely consider!

I have a few baby/toddler items that I could donate to any prospective families in need. If they would be of any use to your organisation I would be more than willing to donate them.

I sincerely hope this helps one of your families in need.

With best regards,

A Brand New Safe Families for Children Resource Volunteer   :-)