They Left Everything Behind

Young children to care for and another on the way, mum fled her violent partner. They left everything behind to find safety. Now, just one month before her due date, she was living in a new city where she knew no-one. And with no family or friends in the area, who would look after her children when she went into labour?

For most mums in this situation, the only option is to have the children taken into foster care temporarily. The shortage of foster carers means that children may have to be placed far from their home community and miles apart from their siblings — sometimes in placements well out of the city, which are costly.

Staff from a local church got in touch to fill us in on this mum’s situation, and our volunteers were eager to help. We found two Host Families from King’s Church Edinburgh and Sacred Heart who could take the children, and we arranged for mum to meet the families first. The Host Families met up while hosting so that the siblings could play together, and they all visited mum in hospital too.

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Meanwhile, Safe Families staff worked with Lifeline to provide baby equipment for the newborn. A car seat, clothes, baby books, and toys. Safe Families staff also drove mum to and from hospital and checked in over the weekend to make sure things were going okay. A situation full of trauma, change, and uncertainty became a little less scary and a little more manageable.

Now home with her newborn and other young children, mum told us about her experience. “The volunteers were very nice, very kind. I’m so grateful. It was a wonderful experience for the kids. They keep telling me stories from their weekend. On a scale of 1-10, Safe Families is a 10! More than 10!”

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