Learning to Trust Again: Kylie’s Story

Kylie is a young mother in her early twenties with a lovely two-year-old son, Sam. Kylie loves her son but has been unwell for a number of months. She’s lost a lot of weight, has very low energy, takes strong painkillers at night to cope with the pain, and is undergoing a number of tests at hospital – all of which make it difficult to care for a toddler on her own.

Her family aren’t very supportive. Her mum says she should ‘just get on with things’ like she did when she was a young mum. Exhausted and overwhelmed, Kylie began struggling to descend the stairs from her top floor tenement to get Sam to nursery in the mornings. She needed rest, but due to her experiences with a former partner who was abusive, she wouldn’t trust anyone taking Sam overnight.

When she was referred to Safe Families for Children by her health visitor, we started slowly. We introduced Kylie and Sam to a Host Family who has two young boys. Over the summer holidays, they went on days out together and slowly built a relationship. The Host Family was patient and flexible with Kylie, and the children quickly grew to be friends. Recently, they reached a huge milestone:  our Family Support Manager (FSM) revisited Kylie and the Host Family to arrange their first overnight hosting.

‘How do you feel Safe Families for Children has helped you?’ our FSM asked Kylie.

‘I’ve learned to trust people again,’ she said.

Could you be a Host Family or a Family Friend to someone like Kylie and Sam? Get in touch with us to find out more or fill out an online application form to get the process started.

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