‘I Love You’


Photo posed by models.

Victoria came into our lives when she fled a horrible situation of domestic violence. As a result of her sudden and urgent flight from her home, Victoria left all her friends and acquaintances behind and to a certain extent had to cut ties to avoid being discovered by her abusive ex.

We got to know Victoria and her three small boys over Easter as she was struggling with medical problems and was referred to us by the local authority as a family who would benefit from our volunteer support.

Safe Families volunteers host the three boys once a month to give Victoria some respite and to allow the boys themselves some time to relax and have fun. Her son Jake especially benefits. He leaves angry and frustrated and comes back relaxed and calm. The family’s garden was also in a state of total chaos but Safe Families Resource Friend volunteers came and did a ‘make-over’, transforming it into a pleasant green space.

Having help make hospital appointments and general support with pressing issues has allowed Victoria to prioritise her children and has reduced her stress levels. When Victoria’s stress is reduced her physical problems also reduce. Life in general is looking up for the family and three weeks ago Victoria and her boys celebrated coming off the child-in-need programme.

“Safe Families is helping me and now I am back on my feet. I didn’t think I could manage by myself, but I realised I was stronger than I thought I was. My confidence is coming back. My son Jake now says, ‘I love you’. He was troubled but he’s a lot better now due to Safe Families.”

There are many ways you can help a struggling family. Please check out the link below for more details.