Our Host Family Experience


Five minutes after receiving our Safe Families Host Family approval letter, Eileen phoned asking us to host two children.

We met them the following day; a boy aged three and a girl aged seven. While the social worker talked to Mum we got to know the children. Brian gave the little boy a piggy back – his first ever – and the family came home to stay with us; the children for three nights and Mum for two. As it went so well, the children came back to stay with us whilst a Family Friend supported Mum.

It was exhausting, but extremely rewarding. The children were delightful – pleased with the smallest things; baking cakes, feeding the ducks, getting the bus to town, etc. It was a privilege to welcome them and have them stay in our home.

We cannot encourage you enough to volunteer – you will be truly blessed!

Brian and Susan Hill