On the Ground with Safe Families for Children Teeside!

The last few weeks have become increasingly busy in Tees Valley now that we have a full team on board.

Within the first couple of weeks, we received our first referral from a parent who had unexpectedly gone into hospital and needed someone to look after her baby with only 24 hours’ notice. Safe Families for Children immediately responded and baby stayed overnight with one of our excellent host families. Support is now ongoing for this socially isolated mum suffering long-term illness.

Over the weeks that followed, it has been amazing to see how our Safe Families volunteer families have been flexible and adaptable in responding to needs, willing to make changes to their timetables to support a family in need. To date we have had four separate occasions where a child has been hosted for a number of nights and a number of other families supported by Safe Families for Children’s family friends.

We are currently in the process of working with a Teeside church to support their drop-in and an organisation asking us to support their work with asylum seekers.

Great opportunities for us to work in the community and be on hand connecting directly with families that may not otherwise get the support they need.

More and more churches are getting on board. On 6th July, we presented to the Guisborough Bridge Association (Church Network) which created a great deal of excitement and interest. Over 15 churches were represented and all can see where Safe Families could add value to their existing community projects. We can’t wait to work with them in the coming months. We also have a number of presentations lined up in August and September, in addition to further opportunities to work with churches in Darlington and Hartlepool in the very near future.

Always ongoing are meetings with local authorities, schools, hospitals and voluntary organisations. These continue over the coming weeks, ensuring those who come into direct contact with suffering families know exactly who to call.

On a closing note, we have been completely overwhelmed and blessed by the “can do” attitude of our volunteers. They are so prepared to go the extra mile to meet the needs of their local community. I know we say it so often, but thank you for all your ongoing and continuing support. We look forward to seeing you at one of our volunteer evenings at St Barnabas Church, Jubilee Church and Middlesbrough Community Church over the coming months – our small way of saying thank you in person and further adding to our numbers of wonderful Safe Families volunteers.

Please call us on 0191 374 4777 for more details of volunteer evenings close to you.