Ability vs. Availability

I recently finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, ‘David and Goliath’. Not a book of faith but in it he retells the story of the battle between David and Goliath and how on the face of it, the odds were heavily stacked against David winning. Goliath was actually insulted that David was the one sent to fight him. We know the story well…Goliath wanted to fight a close combat battle using the best tools of warfare at the time: a sword, a shield, a spear and armour.

David was a shepherd boy and although no stranger to warfare, he was used to going up against wild animals rather than people.

He shunned Saul’s state-of-the-art armour and used his own simple weapons – 5 smooth stones and a sling. Strangely, he wasn’t fearful or overawed by this giant Goliath, rather his heart was strengthened by the opportunity to fight for something he believed in and a cause worth staking his life on – the honour of the Kingdom of God.

Moses, when encountering God at the fiery bush, was full of excuses why he was not up to the task of God’s calling. God said to him, what’s in your hand…a shepherd’s rod…well, use that.

Thousands of years later Jesus used what was in his hand, a boy’s lunch of 5 flat oatcakes and two salted sardine-like fish, to perform a miracle.

So often we argue about what we have not got when God is asking us to use what we do have. What’s in your hand? A sling, a shepherd’s rod, today’s lunch?! God’s not looking for your ability but your availability.

At Safe Families for Children we have an amazing opportunity to be part of a community-based solution to one of the most critical issues in our society – the number of children being taken into care. As parents and carers struggle, often overwhelmed, we can use what is in our hands to be a part of the solution – helping with our homes, as Host Families, with our time, as Family Friends or practically with our stuff as Resource Friends. It’s time to make a difference…with what’s in our hands!

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