Focus On Family Friends

One of the main ways that we support families is through the simple ministry of befriending.

SFFC familyDozens of local church volunteers have now stepped into the role of Family Friends with Safe Families.

In the last month Family Friends have:

• Helped a family that has been separated by a serious illness that has meant the father has been having hospital treatment. Family Friends have supported by minding the kids and also by assisting with transport to and from hospital enabling more frequent visits.

• A mother has been recovering from bout of depression after a relationship breakdown. Family Friends have taken her lively sons out to the park, and her daughter on shopping trips. Mum is now back on her feet, rehoused and has just found a new job!

• A single dad in the north of the region was at his wits end after household appliances began to break down. He was absolutely delighted when Safe Families turned up at his door to deliver a nearly-new tumble dryer to replace the one that had packed in weeks before.

• A very isolated single mum has a number of health problems but was not attending appointments because there was no one to mind her kids. Family Friends have helped to plug the gap, and also pop round regularly to listen to her and offer company. It helps the kids because mum now has fresh motivation to cook, clean, and care for her kids.


If you’d like to explore becoming a Family Friend click here