Cardiff Family Provides Respite Care

Husband and father of two, Dean decided to take February half term off from his job as Senior Support Specialist this year, not only to be with his own children, but to prevent a child having to spend time in care due to lack of extended family.

Dean and his family were the first volunteers to sign up in Wales after Safe Families expanded into the country and have hosted three children so far.

The most recent hosting episode was when Dean and his family looked after a four-year-old boy over a long weekend while his mum was in hospital having a baby.

‘He came over with his mum the first time and got settled in and starting playing with Lego with no problem at all. Then later when the time came for him to come by himself he knew us and settled right in. He loved the film Cars and playing Marble Run; a plastic thing where the marble runs down through a maze. After the hosting was finished he wanted to come back and play again!’ says Dean.

Because of Dean’s family’s support the little lad was happily entertained and cared for while Mum was in hospital and when Mum had given birth the family were able to be reunited.