The First Hesitant Steps

Safe Families for Children, first steps, volunteer support WalesAt Safe Families we really believe in what we do. Staff are so committed to Safe Families’ mission that alongside their 9-5 job working with volunteers and families, they often volunteer to help struggling families in their free time. We want to thank these dedicated staff along with our other volunteers!


Last autumn our Safe Families Wales team received a referral for a young single mum with three children, suffering severe anxiety and stress due to developing alopecia. This had also led to her partner leaving her and the children. She was too stressed to go out or meet people and needed support to be able to even attempt these things. Her self-confidence was on the floor.

Our Senior Family Support Manager, Esther, took on the role of volunteer in addition to being an extremely busy working mum of three energetic boys herself. She met regularly with Mum for the following 3 months, helping her to take those first hesitant steps back into life outside the home by going shopping together and having coffee. This helped Mum to see that people really did treat her the same way as before. Esther’s encouragement has made the world of difference to mum’s confidence and has vastly improved life for the children by enabling Mum to take them to places and activities outside the home.

By mid-February, Mum felt that she was now in a much better place than when support began and was happy for it to come to an end, further encouraged and reassured by the knowledge that she can call us at any time should she feel that she needs further support.

The referring social worker said at the closure of the support, ‘Thank you for your service – it is invaluable’.


We’d like to say thank you to all our Wales volunteers – you are amazing and life-changing!

If you’re not yet part of our volunteer team, please consider joining us.

How volunteers help families