An Excellent Easter Experience

Mum and baby

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“As soon as support came in everything just changed for the better.”

The young mum was an orphan and had nobody around to support her as she transitioned into a new stage of life of being a mum herself to a little baby boy.

“I was bringing up Harley on my own and didn’t have time to go out and do anything. My mood was quite low,” says Kayleigh.

Safe Families volunteers

An older volunteer couple came alongside to support Kayleigh and have become like grandparents to Mum and Baby. “At first I was anxious they were old and wouldn’t be able to keep up with Harley. But when they came round I got on with them straight away.”
They take Baby out walking in the pram and Kayleigh has time to go to the gym or have a minute to herself. “For me that’s a massive help. Even if I need to do things around the house they don’t mind coming and taking him out.
“Just having time to myself, even if only an hour or two just to have that little break, has been a massive weight off my shoulders. I’m bringing Harley up by myself and don’t get the time to go out, even just going to the shops…and just to have that little break has been a massive, massive help.”

Volunteers become family

Recently they had a little picnic all together in the park with a packed lunch. “It was really really nice,” says Kayleigh. “The volunteer is basically family now.” The volunteers also had Kayleigh and Harley join their wider family at a big family meal over Easter.
“It was nice to sit and have some company and not be in the house by myself.”
The volunteers have linked Mum into a local baby group at their church and Mum has started to make friends there and has been invited to children’s birthday parties and summer get-togethers.

“I know the support isn’t going to continue for ever”, says Kayleigh, “but it has put me in the right direction. I try to get myself out more. At first when Harley was so small I was anxious to go out and now he’s older and got more active it’s not as bad so I’ve been trying to get myself out now. Some of the mums [from baby group] have started going back to work now but we have each other numbers so if we want to meet up when it’s not baby group we can see how each other’s getting on.”

If you would like to befriend a family like Kayleigh and Harley, please fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch to explain a little bit more about what volunteering could look like for you!