Everything Changed

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

When Mum walked out, everything changed, but Dad was determined to provide for his two young children. He worked long hours (shift work), which kept him out of the house for 10 hours per day, so he was often unable to help his children get to school or make their dinner. He was afraid to take time off work in case he lost his job. Still, Dad would leave things out for his kids in the morning and tried hard to care for them as best he could. The children had been getting themselves to school each day for months without any problems. No-one knew anything was going on at home until one of the children was home sick, and the school was unable get in touch with their parents.

Social workers were concerned about the children being left home alone at weekends when their father had to work, and it looked like the children might have to be accommodated. That’s when they phoned to see if Safe Families could help.

We found a Host Family who could take the children on weekends when dad would be away all day. Over their first weekend with the volunteers, they watched films, played with the dog, went to the park, and even went to a trampoline hall. The children had a fun-packed weekend and understood clearly that they would be going home again so weren’t worried about being taken into care. As a result, Dad had peace of mind, knowing his children were safe while he was working, and he also had time to adjust his work schedule so he could be home with his kids when he needed to.

This was a hard-working father who was struggling to cope as a single parent, and a little extra support helped this loving family stay together.

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