Emma & Daniel: A Mother/Son Story

boy-hugging-motherAfter leaving her violent partner, Emma* suddenly found herself recovering from heartbreak and parenting two children — her sixteen year-old daughter and her four-year-old son, Daniel, — alone. Daniel* kept Emma busy from early in the morning until late in the evening, leaving her little time to run errands or process her emotions. Soon Emma began losing her temper, shouting at Daniel, and she feared that she might do something worse. That’s when her social worker referred her to Safe Families for Children Scotland for support.

We provide a Family Friend to meet with Emma, giving her the opportunity to talk, get out of the house and build on the parenting advice she has received from the local Early Years Centre. One of our Host Families takes Daniel one afternoon per week and overnight periodically to give Emma a much-needed break. After three months, Emma now feels more able to cope with the demands of everyday life. She is able to see her friends more and has even begun applying to a local college. Most importantly, because of the generosity of these volunteers, Emma’s relationship with Daniel has improved, and she is enjoying her little boy again.

*Names have been changed in this article for confidentiality. The photo is for illustrative purposes only.