Edinburgh volunteers get started

The report from the Campaign to End Child Poverty released in 2013 paints a stark picture of child poverty across the country. Poverty can be so damaging to children. In actual fact it shortens lives of many, many children. With housing costs taken into consideration, 21% of children are living in poverty in Edinburgh. Life for anyone in poverty is difficult. You only have to check out the report for the real picture. When facing numerous problems, it only takes one more little thing and a family can be under pressure that they can’t bear.

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time and some families really struggle to hold it together.

Safe Families for children offers support to families in difficulty and particularly to families that are isolated socially. Volunteers help to ease the pressure on families for a while so that they can enjoy some breathing space to get back on their feet again. Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and many have a lot of parenting and volunteering experience. Each brings different skills and a genuine desire to help. Some are prepared to just suddenly drop their own arrangements to help a struggling family.

Getting to know the volunteers that have already signed up has been great. Our volunteers have entered into the training with buckets of enthusiasm. We place the high importance on safeguarding and volunteers are currently thinking through what that means for them and the families they will work with. New opportunities always bring new challenges but all our volunteers are willing to give it a go and are making a difference in the lives of children and families who need our help most.