Church group plays Santa this Christmas

We’re very blessed that throughout 2013 dozens of churches chose to get on board with the Safe Family’s vision – from all over the North East, and from right across the denominational spectrum.

One church that has become highly involved is Bethshan – a Pentecostal church with 3 congregations located in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. Like many churches Bethshan has a way of clustering its members together into smaller groups of around 20 folks for midweek gatherings – in their case they refer to these groups as missional communities.

Shortly before Christmas one of our staff, who happens to belong to Bethshan and is involved in one of these groups, spoke to missional community leader, Alan, regarding a family in need. For some months now Safe Families has been assisting a single dad with 3 young kids. When we were first introduced to the family things were very raw as mum had just walked out on them. Dad didn’t have much by way of domestic skills and the little girl – not even 10 years old – was doing all the cooking.

With Christmas looming we’d learned that the family was poorly prepared and was looking like it would be a pretty depressing time – there would be no Christmas dinner, and no gifts under the tree. Something had to be done, a fact that was immediately apparent to Alan.

“We were only too happy to help,” he said to us, “when I spoke to the group we all felt like we had so much that it was a small thing. Everyone gladly gave, even some members who had very little themselves.”

Alan himself delivered the carload of goodies collected – which included groceries, everyday essentials, Christmas dinner items and gifts – to the shocked and overwhelmed family! Just one more example of the Safe Families community springing into action and showing the region’s most needy families that there are people out there who care ☺


Below: the goodies donated, just before being loaded into the car

christmas tuck