‘This Christmas is so much more than last Christmas’

Last Christmas Safe Families for Children Scotland started supporting a young mum ‘Claire’ and her 6 year old son ‘Steven’.  Last December Claire had no money in the bank, no food in the cupboards, no presents under the tree and Stephen was having a lot of outbursts at school in a reaction to the situation being difficult at home.  Social work became involved and the options were limited and it looked like Steven would be taken into care. Our volunteers invested in this situation as well as Safe Families staff.  After a lot of hard work Claire and Stephen said gradually they felt hopeful again. Safe Families came alongside Claire to help fill out the forms to get the appropriate benefits she was entitled to and a volunteer was put in place to take Steven out every second Saturday to give Claire a break. The Safe Families Scotland director recently met Claire at the Safe Families Christmas party and said it was great to see her so happy. In the past year Steven has moved to a new school where he is coping much better. Claire and Steven both said they are looking forward to this Christmas so much more than last Christmas. Social work have since closed the case due to the progress Claire has made.