It takes a whole village to raise a child…

The roots of this ancient proverb lie in Africa, and are usually attributed to the Igbo or Yoruba peoples of Nigeria. This proverb has at its heart the idea that communities should be at the heart of child raising. Parenting isn’t always an easy job, it can be lonely and exhausting, and more so if you’re doing it in isolation from other families or a supportive network. Sometimes it gets so much that you might want to give up, even though you know that’s not a good decision.

Safe Families for Children offers a helping hand to families that need a break. We have a great team of volunteers from different churches – all with different backgrounds, all with different life experiences, but all of whom really care about families and simply want to help out. We also have families who are benefitting from that help too – through just having someone to off load to or to buddy them along to appointments where things could get stressful.  Volunteers can offer to take the children to give families a break to help over a worrying time.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer, get in touch at here or phone 0131 603 8430 to find out about one of our regular training days.

If you’d like to talk about referring yourself or a family you know, please get in touch to find out in a discrete way how we can help. Struggling while raising children is an everyday part of life and we hope to help in even the smallest way to support you and your family.