A Whisper of Hope

passengers-1150043_640Some months ago we took a referral from a family who wanted support for one of their sons. He was selective mute (didn’t speak at school and only really spoke to close family in the home) and the request was to provide a Family Friend to take him out once a week so dad could spend some time with the boy’s autistic brother. The volunteers went out once a week with this boy taking him to different places along the tram and just giving him a bit of fun, the whole time without him speaking to them once.

This went on for 6 months and at that point the case was closed as the family were in a better place but the volunteers decided they still wanted to support the boy. Last week we got a call from the volunteers to say that for the first time the boy had spoken to them in a whisper. Although it sounds like something little this was a huge moment for both the volunteers and for the boy – a beautiful piece of evidence of the trust that had been built between them.

There are times when we volunteer that we will see immediate results for a family but there are times, like this one, where long term investment yields beautiful results.

We need more Family Friends to help parents and children. Would you consider being a volunteer? Visit our join us page to discover the many ways that you could personally make a difference to a family in crisis. You can now apply online!

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