‘We are friends now!’ – A Volunteer Story

‘It is more than just me supporting her. We are friends now!’ These are positive words from one of our volunteers ‘Stacey’ who has been supporting a family with us for the past seven months.  Stacey is supporting a single mum of 5 who has one child suffering from a life threatening condition. She explained that she has been having coffee with the mum to help be a listening ear and that over time she has built up a trusting relationship with her. Over the summer months Stacey took the family for outings and helped be a part of making happy memories. At one stage the family were able to move to a new home to help accommodate the child who was unwell. As part of this Safe Families for Children Scotland were able to help provide essential household items that were needed.  They began to attend a local church and when the church heard of their situation they provided brand new bunk beds for the children and even built them for the family. Stacey said the mother was completely overwhelmed at how valued they felt and that she had thought second hand items would be sufficient. Stacey explained that at first the relationship took time to build, but she now feels that even when the support has officially ended with Safe Families she would continue the friendship as it is mutual between them.

We are so incredible grateful for the time and effort that our volunteers put in. Even one coffee a fortnight (like this story) could make all the difference for a family to go from surviving to thriving.