A Role Model for Timothy

Eleanor is raising 5 of her grandchildren because of their mum’s struggle with and eventual death from substance misuse. Soon after learning that her daughter had passed away, Eleanor suffered a heart attack herself. She shares a bedroom with the 3 youngest children and so doesn’t get much time or space to herself. The pressure and demands of caring for five children on her own was affecting her health. Eleanor loves her grandchildren and wants to keep them with her but recognises that she is struggling to cope with her current living situation.

To begin to ease some of this burden, Safe Families for Children paired her grandson, Timothy, with a Family Friend. The Family Friend drives Timothy to and from his weekly counselling sessions. This relieves some of the burden from Eleanor, ensures Timothy receives much-needed bereavement counselling and gives him a male role model to look up to. ‘He is an absolute star,’ Eleanor said about the Family Friend after he dropped by the house on Christmas day with a present for Timothy.

Could you remember this family and their Family Friend in your prayers this week? We want to see a radical transformation in the lives of Eleanor and her grandchildren, and we know their Family Friend will need wisdom and energy as he continues to offer his support.

If this story has stirred you and you want to help a family like Eleanor’s, you can fill out an application form online today. Join us as we reach out to real families in our communities and show them the love and care that every person needs.