A Parenting Course for Remy

Remy* is a single mum, trying her best to care for her newborn baby and her toddler, who has a slight developmental delay. Between caring for the newborn, who wasn’t sleeping well, and giving time and attention to the struggling toddler, Remy had become tired from lack of sleep and overwhelmed with worry for her children. Like anyone would, she needed time on her own to recharge but didn’t have any friends or family in the area to ask for help.

Recently, Remy was given the opportunity to attend a parenting course. She was excited at the prospect of improving her skills as a mum and meeting other mums in her area but wouldn’t be able to attend unless she found someone to look after her toddler while she was in class.

We paired Remy with a Family Friend who looks after her woman flat balcony building sitetoddler while she attends the parenting course with her newborn. Remy and the Family Friend (who is also a mum) are the same age and have quickly built a friendship bonding over parenting stories. Remy is relieved to be able to have adult conversations again both with the volunteer and with other parents on the course. She now receives training and encouragement from peers in class and from her new Family Friend. By giving up a couple of hours per week for just a few weeks, our volunteer has helped transform Remy’s social life and helped reassure her that even when things are hard, she’s not in it alone.

Could you sacrifice a couple of hours per week or month to give hope to someone like Remy? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out our volunteer application form today. 

*Names have been changed for confidentiality. Image is for illustrative purpose only.